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Fox-Future Education Fund is a Non-Profit Organisation established by Foxvest Group to address the challenging conditions surrounding access to quality education in Africa, through the medium of online schooling.

FOX-FUTURE’S audacious goal is for the learning facilities to become a hive of learning for the whole community. Where students will be taught online during the day, adult classes at night, and university students can access online courses and material catering for remedial learning, thereby fully maximising the facility. The goal would be for the facility to be in use 24/7 to the community, in so doing creating a safe place for the youth to go to any time during the day and night.


Fox-Future’s goal is not only to make schooling accessible to remote areas in Africa, but to also provide an interactive digital learning space for the entire community.


Community involvement is at the center of the initiative, right from selecting a suitable physical structure, to the selection of the curriculum and students.


We also hope to create employment opportunities for facilitators who will need to guide the students through the selected curriculum.

LIV School Durban

We at LIV Durban would like to say a massive thank you to you for your partnership in setting up LIV School Durban as an online school. It is a big change for us all, but one that we believe will hugely benefit our children and students.

The Fox-Future
Education Model

Our education model comprises 5 parts:

– Online education

– Facility (venue) preparation

– Internet connectivity setup

– Power solutions (solar energy)

– Safety (cctv cameras)

The Fox-Future
Funding Model

We have developed 4 distinct options for you to partner with Fox-Future.

– Once-off lumps for multiple students

– Easy monthly debit order

– Annual direct debit fro your account

– Paying a full school year for a child

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