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Our subsidiaries and strategic equity investments are poised and strategically positioned to be market leaders in Commodity Trading, Exports, Investing, Farming, Energy, Technology, Media and Financial Services.

African Trade Platform is an innovative marketplace that utilises state of the art algorithms to match trade players within a transaction enabling efficiency in the trade process.



African Trade Platform - Buyers and sellers of bulk goods


If you are a buyer looking for products/goods, or a seller searching for a buyer, the African Trade Platform matches potential traders while linking them with support services such as transactional finance and logistics providers, to enable a smooth process.


African Trade Platform has partnered with the USAID Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub to better understand and service the working capital, trade finance, and investment needs of Sub Saharan African businesses exporting to South Africa or the United States.

Deal Room Africa qualifies and connects export focussed businesses looking for funding with investors from Africa and the United States.


We invite you to explore our carefully selected businesses, each offering a unique blend of innovation, sustainability, and growth. Join us in shaping the future of African exports and reap the rewards of investing in this dynamic and evolving landscape. Your journey to profitable investments begins here.


Deal Room Access gives you access to funding through a network of corporate and individual investors from Africa and the U.S. Join us in realizing your dreams, because together, we can bring your export business to the forefront of the global stage. Your path to funding success starts right here.


Deal Room Africa is supported by USAID/ATI and Prosper Africa > with Foxfin is partnering with the U.S. Government’s Prosper Africa initiative to provide a range of services in advancing AGOA and GSP priorities. This work is supported by USAID through the Africa Trade and Investment program.

Deal Room Africa



FoxFin is an integrated corporate advisory services firm which provides global expertise in mergers and acquisitions and execution services to organisations across a wide range of industries, government and non-profit organisations throughout Africa.


Corporate Advisory Services

Deal Origination Services

Financial Services across Africa

Insurance Solutions




At Foxfin Financial Services, our specialist financial services and corporate activities are centered on the sustainable growth of businesses geared for success. Our services can be summarised as Corporate Advisory | Deal Origination | Financial Services | Insurance.


We have provided advisory services on some of Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest, most strategic and complex transactions. With a breadth of sector experience and technical capability spanning local and international markets we are a preferred advisor to African Corporates, Multinationals with an African presence and International Investors entering the region.

The Foxvest Group is a diversified holdings investing in African entities through its registered VVC and private equity funds. The portfolio ranges from Technology, Energy through to Primary Agriculture, giving investors a diversified risk offering.


The governance of a fund is crucial to its success. The fund is managed to a strict ethos of professionalism and integrity to ensure that trust is developed between investors and investees alike. This trust translates into confidence and the ability to grow together.


Foxvest Group prides itself in the strong management team and board it comprises of. This strength aids in building an ethical and driven culture and ethos in the company.


Foxvest Group takes accountability very seriously, which is just as important from a statutory and regulatory standpoint.


To meet all statutory and regulatory requirements and to hold Foxvest Group and its management team accountable, the following audit, legal and compliance officers have been selected.

Foxvest Private Equity Fund

Phone: +27 11 568 4423


Mail: info@foxvestgroup.com

Nutcracker Processors is situated near Stanger in Kwa-Zulu Natal with its primary function being the processing and preparation of Macadamia nuts for export. Nutcracker supply premium quality macadamia kernel to both international and local markets.


Our product range continues to grow, from Macadamia Nut In Shell, to various styles of Macadamia Kernel and our export quality Macadamia Oil, the Nutcrackers brand is fast becoming a household name to macadamia producers and consumers alike. Nutcrackers continues to enjoy growing trade in Sub-Saharan Africa and the United States.


The processing facility works hand in hand with African Trade Platform (ATP) whereby the processed Macadamia nuts are placed on the ATP Platform and marketed to ‘end clients’ worldwide ensuring farmers get final market prices for their product.

Nutcracker_Macadamian Nuts South Africa

Phone: +27 32 008 5025


Head Office

Main Road, Doringkop
Kwa-Dukuza, KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa, 4455
– – –

Mail: info@nutcrackers.co.za

Satrac Solar Solutions is an industrial solar company with engineering, trading and export competencies while operating as a ‘technology independent vendor and supplier’ of various renewable equipment.

An increasing number of clients are choosing Satrac Solar to install solar systems in their businesses or households to help reduce energy costs by making use of the power they can generate off their own buildings to ensure the security of continuous power.

The passion for the company comes from the belief that the future for our plant lies in unlocking green sustainable energy solutions. Ranging from sustainable ways to design and build to that of creating green power. Striving to live harmoniously with our plant and what it has to offer without diminishing its precious limited resources. Green energy will allow places and people that previously were not able to gain access to conventional power a way to generate it for themselves, reshaping not only their futures and those of the generations to come.

Satrac Solar

Phone: +27 (0) 11 568 4423


Head Office

The Braes, Hamtern House
193 Bryanston Drive
Bryanston, Johannesburg
2191, South Africa

– – –

Mail: info@satracsolar.co.za

Shuthuka Agri Services is a specialist service provider in the agricultural and agri-processing space with its core expertise across the whole agri value chain. Boasting over 100 years of commercial farming experience, we have engaged and managed the value chain of major agricultural businesses across the SADC region.

To mentor and up skill emerging farmers who in turn will become vital in the management of successful and viable community farming projects in the future.


Shuthuka focuses on sustainability of the agri concerns with the objective of enabling previously disadvantaged individuals to independently manage commercial farming operations sustainably into the future.

Shuthuka Agri


+27 (0) 11 568 4423



Head Office

Hamtern House, The Braes
193 Bryanston Drive
Bryanston, Johannesburg
2191, South Africa



Shuthuka Agri, Main Road,

Doringkop, 4455, KZN,

South Africa

Our Plettenberg Bay, Forest Gate Eco Estate offers fun and relaxation for the whole family. Our estate offers varied accommodation types, leisure activities, dining, and many amenities.

Our resort is the perfect getaway this holiday season. Forestgate has now offers more than just accommodation, but something for everyone, big and small alike. Enjoy our restaurants, buzzing bars, exercise and unwind at our new Thai Massage spa and trendy hair salon.


We now also have a general store for you to get those supplies that we all, a full on Kidz Zone, so you can relax and know your kidz are having a great time,  There is so much to experience at Forest gate, we can wait to show it to you.

Forest Gate Eco Estate

Phone: 082 832 0751

– – –

Head Office

Address434 Holt Hill, Bitou Rural, Plettenberg Bay, 6600

– – –

Mail: Sarah@forestgate.co.za

FuelIt, our premier diesel refuelling service, extends its seamless and efficient operations across the bustling urban landscape of Johannesburg and the serene coastal haven of Plattenburg Bay.


As an indispensable solution for businesses and industries relying on diesel-powered machinery, FuelIt redefines the refuelling experience. In Johannesburg, the service navigates the city’s dynamic pulse, offering a timely and reliable refuelling solution for the diverse industrial sectors that fuel the city’s economic engine.


Meanwhile, in the picturesque Plattenburg Bay, FuelIt caters to the unique needs of businesses against the backdrop of the scenic coastal landscape, ensuring uninterrupted diesel supply for both maritime and land-based operations. With state-of-the-art technology, safety protocols, and a commitment to environmental sustainability, FuelIt emerges as the go-to partner for businesses seeking a strategic and efficient approach to diesel refuelling in these two distinct yet equally vital regions.

Phone: +27 (0) 11 568 4423


Head Office

The Braes, Hamtern House
193 Bryanston Drive
Bryanston, Johannesburg
2191, South Africa

– – –

Mail: info@fuelit.co.za

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