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Linking Africa to the rest of the world the ATP platform utilises state of the art algorithms to match buyers and sellers of various products while supporting transactions through services such as logistics, trade finance and product verification.

The Foxvest 12J is a registered Venture Capital Fund investing in South African SMME’s. The portfolio ranges from tech to agri operations giving investors a diversified Risk offering

Nutcracker processes is situated near Stanger in Kwa-Zulu Natal with its primary function being the processing and preparation of Macadamia nuts for export. The processing facility works hand in hand with African Trade Platform whereby the processed Macadamia nuts are placed on the ATP Platform and marketed to ‘end clients’ worldwide ensuring farmers get final market prices for their product.

An industrial solution provider with engineering, trading and export competencies while operating as a ‘technology independent vendor and supplier’ of various renewable equipment. We build energy solutions that are of exceptional quality and workmanship, using high-quality components manufactured by leading electronic brands, such as ABB, Schneider, Victron, SMA and Fronius, SolarEdge.

Rocky Park is a commercial agri grain and cattle operation based in the Eastern Cape of South Africa which farms a variety of crops such as maize, soya, sorghum, sunflower, hemp and various seed crops.

‘Halo’ is a panic device that comes in the form of a remote, watch or clip on application that once pressed/activated initiates a response to your live location wherever you are in South Africa. The device allows users to add up to ten close family and friends who will be notified and sent the location of the user in the event the panic is activated.

Foxfin is a leading African Financial Services Advisory firm based in Johannesburg South Africa.

Shuthuka Agri is an agricultural management group that specialise in the business modelling, capital raise, implementation and management of previously disadvantaged agricultural projects.

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